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How To Sell More Health Insurance Online

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Gone are the days of cold calls and clunky sales tactics in an attempt to sell insurance policies. With the help of technology, agents can sell more insurance policies online than ever before.

And with so many insurance agents and brokers competing for the same customers drawn to the convenience of online shopping for everything from groceries to cars, new ways to market health insurance is essential to growing your book of business. 

Build an Insurance Website That Performs 

One of the most important aspects of selling insurance online is ensuring that your customers can easily find you. It's no secret that driving high-intent leads to your business online will help net higher conversion rates.

To ensure that your prospective insurance customers find you, you must create a transparent and trustworthy website. Ideally, your site should include the required details potential policyholders need to help make a decision, and be a one-stop shop for all health insurance needs.

 Also important – when building your insurance website, remember to think about mobile users. A responsive or mobile-friendly site is key to improving and maintaining search ranking with Google and other search engines. Not sure if your website is hitting the mobile mark? Try this testing tool from Google. It’s free and will also share errors that need fixing or improving.

Leverage the Power of Digital Marketing

The use of digital marketing techniques to increase online insurance sales is well documented. Email marketing, newsletters, social media, and internet ads are the most popular and useful tools at your disposal.

Email marketing remains one of the most popular ways to communicate with insurance customers online. It allows you to build long-term relationships with potential customers, and is cost-effective. To help keep conversions climbing skyward, start with a healthy insurance email list of prospects and customers, then market to these segments by sending personalized, automated emails.

In addition to insurance email marketing, newsletters are another great way to keep in touch with your insurance customers. Try sending monthly or quarterly newsletters with helpful health tips, health insurance updates, and other advice related to your insurance policyholders and prospects. This aspect of marketing allows you to build a loyal insurance customer base that is receptive to your offers and services while bolstering your role as a helpful consultant.

An enthusiastic use of social media is another valuable technique for helping to bring in new insurance leads and building long-term relationships. It is a low-cost, low-risk insurance marketing technique that can engage customers at multiple levels, while keeping your insurance business top of mind with your base, with both free and paid content.

According to some reports, advertisements on Google and Facebook can have a great pay-off, but you need content that converts. In your insurance digital marketing campaign, try providing helpful advice or tips instead of being too sales-driven, and allow prospects the breathing room to purchase at their own pace. Remember, your goal is to increase your insurance leads – you can drive the deal home once they’re in the door.

Don't Believe the Hype?

It's all too easy to get caught up in the hype of insurance selling. But the best way to grow your book of business is to establish an upstanding reputation for integrity. Sharing testimonials and reviews on your website and social media pages can help. Utilize the other marketing strategies discussed above to get your name out there, then most importantly, take care of your customers..

A reputation for honesty, follow-through, and hustle is unbeatable, and it’s something that you can't buy. You have to earn it. With the right digital marketing efforts, you can also share and promote it.

Leverage the Power of Insurance Technology

Whether it’s an insurance CRM or project management tool, studies have shown that technology’s impact on insurance companies is ever-growing.

A CRM solution like Quotit helps manage leads and increase insurance client retention insurance by cutting down on the time it takes to create insurance proposals, create automated marketing blitzes, and simplify other related workflows. 

Additionally, our website add-on is also a handy digital tool, and easy for your insurance customers to use. You only have to add the enroll tool to your website, and your customers will be able to shop and compare health insurance policies for themselves, on their own timeline.

Quotit also helps produce meaningful data that can help facilitate and optimize your overall insurance sales and marketing efforts – that’s especially important during busy seasons like Open Enrollment Period (OEP).

If you’re not sure whether Quotit is the right fit for your insurance business, there’s only one way to find out – test drive the software and see for yourself. Our demos typically take less time than your lunch hour, and helpful consultants are happy to help any questions you may have!

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