How to Sell Dental Insurance to Seniors

The best insurance agents don’t stop once they’ve matched their clients with standard health insurance plans that meet their basic needs. Instead, they set their sights on selling ancillary products—including dental insurance—to make sure clients have access to the coverage they need to live happy and healthy lives.

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Best States to Sell Medicare Supplements In

Every day, thousands of seniors across the country turn 65 years old and age into Medicare.

According to a recent report by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), of this ever-growing group of citizens, more than 20 million (34 percent) have opted to sign up for Medicare Advantage plans—which are alternatives to traditional Medicare coverage offered through private insurers.

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How Insurance MGAs Can Connect with Their Senior Clients

In most cases, when someone needs to buy insurance, they go directly to the broker. In turn, the broker helps the individual shop for insurance plans at multiple carriers and, after a while, matches them with the plan that best meets their needs. 

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Your Post-AEP Secret Weapon: Selling Medicare Supplements

With another busy annual enrollment period (AEP) in the books, the insurance business can get slow. During the downturn, many insurance salespeople opt to take it easy—and rightfully so. They’ve worked their tails off for the last several months, which also happened to coincide with the holidays.

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How to Educate Your Clients On Medicare

After working hard for several decades, everyone deserves to enjoy their golden years. 

To do that, though, they need to stay healthy. And that starts with having health insurance that enables them to help pay for medical expenses, take advantage of preventative care, and get great treatment when they are sick.

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