Quote and Enroll Software for Insurance Agents vs. Carrier Direct

Imagine you’re planning a vacation to Hawaii, and it’s time to book a flight.

You could visit each company’s website to find out what Delta, American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines have to offer—and then cross your fingers and hope you find the best deal.

You could also use a comparison shopping tool such as Kayak to search every airline’s website at the same time. In doing so, you’d get a real-time comparison of all flights that meet your criteria, increasing the chances that you find a flight that’s convenient and best for your budget.

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How Can a Quote Engine Software Improve Your Customer Experience?

If you’ve considered investing in health insurance quoting software, you may have focused on the features that will improve the productivity of your sales force. Automation, lead generation, sales tracking, quoting and the ability to produce immediate proposals can certainly eliminate daily tasks that take precious time away from building client relationships and closing sales. These tools can drive productivity, control costs, and maximize the value of your existing infrastructure, but don’t underestimate the role quote engine software can play in elevating the customer experience.

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5 Reasons to Get Insurance Quote Software Before OEP

Open Enrollment (OEP) may be your busiest season, but are you really taking full advantage of its potential to expand your business and increase revenue? Using manual processes during OEP will only slow down your progress and frustrate consumers who expect instant results. There is no denying that today’s digital economy has changed the way consumers shop for products and services, and the way we must approach the sales process. Prospects are looking for brokers who can provide accurate and immediate quotes from multiple carriers. If you can’t meet their expectations, one of your competitors will. Enter, insurance quote software.

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6 Areas to Automate Your Health Insurance Business


We’ve all gotten really accustomed to using automation technology to make our lives easier. We have access to apps that pre-order and pre-pay for our morning coffee, alerts to remind us of important meetings, and a digital personal assistant named “Alexa” who will play our favorite album on command.

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Quotit Corporation Named in CIO Applications Top 25 Insurance Technology Companies - 2017


Quotit Corporation is excited and honored to be included in CIO Applications Top 25 Insurance Technology Companies -2017. While the insurance marketplace as we know it includes a number of companies with the latest technology, Quotit is proud to stand with over 15 years’ experience as a solution for individual brokers to general agencies to health plans.

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Quotit Now Offering iPro CoverageBuilder

We are excited to bring brokers a brand new feature to make it even easier to write more business.

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