How to Explain Preventative Health Care to Your Clients

If you’re the type of person who takes really good care of what you own, you likely don’t wait until something is blatantly wrong with your car before bringing it to a mechanic. 

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How to Write a Great Prospecting Email as an Insurance Broker

Where would your health insurance agency or brokerage be without email marketing?

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6 Ways to Get Referrals from Your Current Clients

Health insurance agencies and brokerages—and, really, every small business, for that matter—are focused on landing more clients and growing their operations.

To do this, they invest in marketing and advertising, and they hire effective sales teams that focus exclusively on closing more deals.

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Making the Most Out of Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is the time of the year when buyers can sign up for health insurance. It’s different from special enrollment—which occurs when clients get married, have children, get divorced, lose insurance because they’re fired, or move to a different state, among other things. The open enrollment period for 2020 runs from Nov. 1 through Dec. 15, 2019, with plans sold during that time taking effect Jan. 1, 2020.

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10 Resources to Grow Your Insurance Business

The insurance business is incredibly competitive and constantly changing. Many clients look for the easiest solutions to their health insurance problems, and believe it or not, 72 percent of clients search online for health insurance.

To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to stay on top of industry trends and technologies and know what resources are available to help you grow.

Not sure where to get started? We’ve put together a list of 10 resources that you can use to grow your insurance business so you can start thinking in the right direction.

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12 Referral Marketing Success Tips for Successful Insurance Agents

Prospecting Tips for Insurance Agents | Quotit

Referral marketing is a great way to build your business, it’s easy and low risk. It’s also a natural aspect of providing great service to your existing clients. When people have a good experience, they’re happy to share it with friends and family. However, the opposite is also true: when a customer has a bad experience, he or she will tell friends and family.

Yelp! and other social media give customers a broad platform to share negative feedback, but they can also cast a positive spotlight on you when service is extraordinary.

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