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Insurance Marketing Ideas: Delight Your Clients

Insurance Marketing Ideas Delight Your Clients

In an age when clients demand personalization and substitutes are always just a quick search away, the customer experience is quickly becoming a key differentiator for businesses in all industries. In other words, it’s no longer enough to simply ensure your clients are satisfied; you need to include your clients in your new insurance marketing ideas.

We’ve entered the age when businesses need to delight their customers if they wish to get to the next level—and stay there.

That being the case, it’s in your insurance business’s best interest to give your customers the most enjoyable experience possible in every interaction. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at three marketing ideas for insurance agents:

  1. Roll out the red carpet for customer service.
  2. Launch a referral program.
  3. Invest in modern technology.

1. Roll Out the Red Carpet for Customer Service

It’s one thing to simply sell insurance to folks who inquire; it’s quite another to position your agency or brokerage as a trusted adviser that anticipates client needs and adds as much value wherever it possibly can.

For example, since today’s customers expect a personalized experience, you can send them emails celebrating important milestones, wishing them happy birthdays, and reminding them well in advance of when their policies need to be renewed, as well as what their options are. 

Go above and beyond by regularly informing your clients of changes in the insurance industry and explaining what, specifically, new laws and regulations mean for them.

To best improve your customer service and, in turn, your marketing campaigns, regularly ask your clients what they want and put their best ideas and recommendations into practice. By doing so, you prove that you’re listening. You can also use this feedback to improve how you reach out to prospects. This is a must for your list of insurance marketing ideas.

Such an approach can help you create loyal clients—the kind who never even think about buying insurance from anyone else and are, therefore, more valuable to your bottom line. 

Loyal clients are also more likely to spread the word of your awesome customer service to their friends and family, which leads us to the next marketing idea for your insurance business ...

2. Launch a Referral Program

One of the best marketing ideas for insurance agents, which often gets overlooked, is creating a referral program that incentivizes clients and business partners to spread the word about your business. 

With a solid program in place, your happy and loyal client base transforms into a powerful referral engine that promotes your business to its networks when you’re working on something else.

This is a big deal because people are four times more likely to buy something when they’re referred by someone they know.

By launching a referral program, you can differentiate your brokerage or agency by becoming a company that’s brought up organically in conversations. Prospective clients will, no doubt, take note.

3. Invest in Modern Technology

Today’s healthcare buyers expect a modern digital experience when they interact with brands, which leads us to the need for technology. As one of the top insurance marketing ideas, investing in technology has the power to differentiate your business from the competition by making your marketing team more efficient and making it easier for your customers to do business with you.

Insurance Marketing Technology: Websites

For example, the average visitor expects your website to load in less than two seconds. In the event that doesn’t happen, there’s a good chance that individuals will leave your website frustrated and possibly doubt your level of customer service. If your online quoting and enrolling tool, client portal, or other online resources aren’t easily accessible, your clients may search for a different brokerage, agency, or independent agent that meets their expectations.

Insurance Marketing Technology: Quoting and Enrolling

When you are brainstorming new insurance marketing ideas, consider how technology can play into your value proposition. If accessibility is important to your clients, look for tools designed for health insurance brokerages and agencies like yours. 

For example, you can add a quote and enroll solution to your site to offer prospects and clients alike real-time pricing information and the ability to compare plans across carriers—at whatever time is most convenient to them and on any device.

Insurance Marketing Technology: Customer Relationship Management

A customer relationship management (CRM) solution can help you personalize your outreach to each client and prospect. You don’t even have to do any of that by hand, either. With the right CRM in place, personalized emails can be sent automatically at the most appropriate times using information from your database such as names, birthdays, current coverage, and more. Not only does this help enhance the client experience, but it also enables your team to reclaim a ton of time—which can then be reinvested in other areas of your business.

Add it all up, and new technology helps you organize and improve your marketing efforts—while making it easier for clients and prospects to do business with you.

Differentiating Your Business by Delighting Your Customers 

Differentiating your health insurance business from your competitors can be difficult, but with the right approach (and these insurance marketing ideas for delighting your customers), making your brokerage or agency stand out is definitely achievable.

Keep with it, and you’ll end up at the point where clients are no longer merely satisfied; they’re absolutely delighted with the level of service you offer. As a result, they’ll promote your business on your behalf—which will almost certainly translate into more sales over time.

To learn more about the easiest way to make this all happen, check out our new e-book, the Essential Guide to Insurance Broker Software.

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