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How To Increase Insurance Agent Productivity With Quotit Software


In addition to managing leads, engaging clients, and keeping up with industry trends, insurance agents also have to meet clients’ increasing desire for a strong customer experience.

To get ahead and stand out from the pack, agents need to increase efficiency and effectiveness – positioning themselves as trusted advisers.

Today, we’ll cover how to increase insurance agent productivity with our user-friendly software.


Insurance Agent Productivity Pitfalls and Solutions

Pulling Quotes

Insurance agents used to have no choice but to pull multiple plans from different carriers’ websites every time they wanted to present options to clients. This took a lot of time and became a logistic nightmare for data management and proposal creation for many insurance companies.

At the same time, unless you always compared every plan from all of the available health insurance carriers, you couldn’t be certain that you were giving clients the best solutions to their problems.

The first solution we always recommend to those who want to know how to increase insurance agent productivity is investing in customer relationship management (CRM) software with a robust insurance quoting engine. Quotit checks these boxes and allows you to automatically pull quotes from many different carriers at once based on each client’s specific needs.


Client Followup Via Emails

Following up with hundreds of leads or clients is often rushed, leading to a lack of personalization, accuracy, and effectiveness. 

Not anymore.

With the right CRM, instead of having to remember a client’s birthday, for example, you can send these emails out automatically to ensure you never miss the opportunity to say happy birthday again. You can also create and save email templates and use them to fire out specific messages. 

Just consider the amount of time your agents can save – and the consistency you can create among agents – when they have access to templates for important milestones such as coverage changes, aging into or out of coverage, company announcements, or anything else you need.

With insurance agent software that offers automated features, you can:

  • Trigger emails based on certain policies that are going away or have upcoming changes
  • Schedule emails based on upcoming dates – such as the start of the annual election period, the start of the open enrollment period, or a client’s 65th birthday
  • Track how many emails a contact has been sent and which messages they’ve received
  • And more

Both email automation and template creation can help you cut down on the amount of time it takes to send personalized and timely messages to your leads and existing clients to improve your overall customer service.

Quotit helps you achieve all the above and more for following up with clients via email, including: 

  • Email automation based on dates and existing data
  • Email template design and customization tools
  • Email send history in contact records


Less time quoting means more time for clients. See how Quotit can help you save  time and sell more.


Plan Comparison and Enrollment Process

Walking through plan differences and then enrolling clients one website at a time delays the process and hurts the customer experience; many of us have become accustomed to buying things online for convenience and simplicity. Is there any reason health insurance should be any different?

We don’t think so.

Quotit has plan comparison tools that enable prospects and clients to easily compare plans on your website to see which one meets their needs the best – all without taking up your staff’s time. In fact, with Quotit, your clients can buy insurance plans at their convenience, 24 hours a day – even when your whole team is asleep!


Our Insurance Agent Software Details

Quotit is designed to help agents, agencies, and brokers keep tabs on every lead and client. Our software for insurance agents can help you expedite much of the sales process, including lead management, quoting, and enrolling, by offering the following:

  • Client-driven shopping features
  • Website add-ons for client-facing quoting and enrolling
  • A web-based CRM accessible to insurance agents anywhere
  • Out-of-the-box properties specific to insurance agents
  • Access to census data and plan details
  • The ability to track client communications such as emails and phone calls, application statuses, and carrier updates
  • And more


Ready To Transform Your Insurance Sales Operations?

Just because many insurance agencies may have operated the same way for quite some time doesn’t mean that yours needs to do the same.

Quotit addresses all your needs by enabling you to easily keep tabs on your clients through automatic reminders, receive comprehensive reporting features, convenient quoting and enrollment, and so much more. With Quotit, your agency will be able to move faster and deliver more value to clients and prospects while getting more done along the way. It’s the easiest way to increase insurance agent productivity – without compromising the quality of your offerings.

While we may be a bit biased, we truly believe that Quotit’s unique portfolio of insurance agent software products can help businesses like yours increase productivity while improving the client experience. Why? Because it’s not just a generic solution; our end-to-end CRM solution is specifically designed for selling insurance. 

But don’t just take our word for it.

Find out how Quotit can accelerate your team’s efforts, transform your agency, drive your competitive advantage, and grow your bottom line by requesting a personalized demo today!


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