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How to Write a Health Insurance Proposal


Strong health insurance proposals can captivate clients, outline their health insurance options, and spark more sales.

A poorly crafted proposal will have the opposite effect – leaving clients searching for a more helpful provider. The bottom line? Your health insurance proposal can make or break a deal.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to write health insurance proposals that generate more sales and produce happier clients. In this guide, we explain how.

First, Why Write a Health Insurance Proposal?

Simply put, your health insurance proposal is meant to make life easier for both you and your clients. It lays out your client’s options and should help your client feel confident in their choices as well as their decision to buy from you.

Additionally, putting a clear proposal down on paper helps you refine your sales strategy by:

  • Clarifying your offered services
  • Reinforcing your company’s strong points
  • Conveniently organizing health insurance plans

3 Steps to Consider When Crafting a Health Insurance Proposal

When writing your health insurance proposal, it’s important to be strategic, so you stand out from your competitors and drive more health insurance leads. Here are some key steps to keep in mind if you want to create a proposal that wins over more clients.

1. Be Clear

Health insurance can be difficult for your average client to navigate, as they won’t have the same knowledge of health insurance as you do as an agent.

When writing a health insurance proposal, gather the plans that will work best for the client and present them in a way the client can understand. You can always explain plans in more detail later, but it helps to address the most important information first.

2. Be Accurate

Delivering accurate health insurance information that’s relevant to each client builds trust and cements you as a trusted advisor. If clients feel any part of your operation is acting shiftily or dishonestly, they’ll find a competitor that does have their best interests at heart.

3. Be Inviting

Since health and finances are topics often discussed in health insurance, it can be a scary subject for some clients. That’s why it’s a good idea to use positive language and an inviting design in your health insurance proposal document. Use your proposal to reassure clients that they’re going to be covered and supported in tough situations.

Designing a Proposal That Fits Different Clients

Different clients will want different information depending on their age, financial circumstances, and health, and it’s important to adapt your health insurance proposal accordingly. It’s worth noting that one of the biggest divides comes between crafting health insurance proposals for Medicare clients and writing proposals for those under 65. Here’s why:

Proposals for under-65 plans. Typically, insurance plans for clients under the age of 65 will be more flexible than Medicare policies. That means it’s important to pull together quotes and present options that are an excellent match for the client. Be sure to get to know the client and tailor your proposal to their needs and interests, including ancillary insurance options.

Medicare proposals. When you’re creating a Medicare proposal, it’s important to educate clients. Always try to be as accurate as possible and include any small details that will help the client understand both Medicare qualifications and benefits.

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5 Effective Elements To Include in Your Health Insurance Proposal

1. Your Logo

Your health insurance proposal should include a clear, updated version of your logo. This will keep your company fresh in their minds whenever they come back to the proposal to examine plans.

2. Your Company Details

Both independent health insurance agents and those working with an agency must provide details of their business. Clients want to know they’re working with an operation they can trust and have a plan that’s specific to their circumstances.

In fact, only 37% of employees trust their insurer to provide the right care for their needs. By briefly explaining why your company is selling insurance, you can build trust with clients and make them more comfortable with buying from you.

3. An Executive Summary

Not everyone has time to read proposals from front to back right away, but an executive summary is a good way to hook the reader without taking up too much of their time.

Make sure your proposal opens with a brief overview that explains how your agency can meet the reader’s health insurance needs. This snapshot will show them what to expect and motivate the client to dig into the rest of your proposal.

4. A Plan-Centric Body

The body of your health insurance proposal makes up the vast majority of the proposal. 

Be sure to include the following in your proposal’s body:

  • Carrier, plan name, network, premium, deductible, copay, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximum, and max benefit
  • Ancillary insurance and supplemental options
  • Access to additional information such as brochures and links to carrier websites
  • Instructions for how to select the plan they want to enroll in
  • Next steps and enrollment instructions

5. A Conclusion That Prompts Action

One of the most vital steps in creating a proposal designed to drive more health insurance leads for agents is a call to action, and it should list all of the information clients need to get started. Make sure to include up-to-date contact information and list any marketing channels you want your leads to visit.

Write a Health Insurance Proposal Built for More Sales

Health insurance sales and lead generation are dependent on your proposal’s quality, so you must take the time to create the right one for your business.

Furthermore, several other factors can drive more clients to your insurance business that we cover in extensive detail. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of industry-proven techniques for expanding your insurance business. Get your free copy of Proven Methods to Grow Your Insurance Business and elevate your insurance sales!

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