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Benefits of Virtual Pediatrician Visits


Prolonged travel and wait times can be stressful for little patients and their parents alike — tele-visits help ensure the doctor is always in.

Virtual pediatrician visits are an innovative way for physicians to screen and treat little patients for occasional and chronic conditions alike or what The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) calls the practice of using technology to deliver care at a distance.

More than just a relic of the Pandemic, virtual care is on the rise in general and telehealth models can prove especially beneficial for families who live in rural areas. And it’s not just patients who are embracing this trend. 

Along with patient experience and financial outcomes, pediatricians also include emerging technologies in top-of-mind concerns and view cost-effective treatment, greater access to care, and improved access as possible benefits of telehealth.

Here are more benefits that make virtual pediatric care attractive to both providers and patients:

No Travel Required

Who doesn’t love the convenience of 24/7 service? In addition to having easier access to care when you need it, virtual pediatrician visits can be incredibly convenient for children and their families who live in underserved communities. The fact that virtual pediatrician visits eliminate the need to travel means parents don't have to take time off work to go to appointments physically, and children don't run into issues with transportation or missing school.

Access to Specialty Care

The ability to conduct pediatrician visits online has also made it much easier for young patients in rural areas to receive care from medical specialists. Pediatric specialists practicing in large urban areas can use telehealth technologies to care for children who live hundreds of miles away. Visits can be easily and effectively handled via the patients’ home computer or in school or child-care settings.

Beneficial for Providers

Virtual pediatrician visits can be an attractive option for physicians as well as patients. Virtual visits offer providers more convenience and it can be less stressful to conduct business in their home office instead of traveling 5+ days a week to meet with patients. Offering virtual care also allows pediatricians to enjoy fewer missed appointments, appointments that are more efficiently managed in terms of time — all without having to manage crowded waiting rooms.

Treatment in A Safe Space

Virtual pediatrician visits are also great for children who may suffer from behavioral issues that require further special care. These children may be difficult to engage with physically, mentally, and emotionally because of their behaviors. Virtual visits allow physicians to continue providing necessary care in a safe space, without worrying about reaching the child's physical limits or dealing with uncontrollable behavior in front of a stranger.

It Encourages Regular Visits

Another advantage of virtual pediatrician visits is that it encourages early visits with children with acute or chronic conditions that require long-term follow-up care. Physicians can use remote patient monitoring systems to review medical history and ensure that children receive proper care while they are in their homes on their own time.


Decreased Exposure to Other Illnesses

“Seeing” pediatricians remotely helps keep a lid on exposing patients of every age to sniffles, stomach bugs, and other infectious diseases. It also saves sick little ones from having to come into the doctor’s office when they’re feeling less than 100 percent. 

Virtual visits are a great way for pediatricians to offer convenience and comfort while also providing little patients with more focused care. Pediatrics is just one specialty that will likely continue to see growth in virtual care in the coming year.

It’s a trend that is impacting multiple areas of healthcare, and one that should be top-of-mind for every insurance agent and broker in 2022. Quotit’s coast-to-coast coverage includes partnerships with hundreds of the nation’s leading health insurance carriers, including those embracing robust telemedicine in their plan offerings. 

Keep an eye on our blog as we continue to explore this ever-developing trend over the next year!

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