12 Referral Marketing Success Tips for Successful Insurance Agents

Posted: July 25, 2019 - By: Alphonso Sanchez - Health Insurance Marketing

Referral marketing is a great way to build your business, it’s easy and low risk. It’s also a natural aspect of providing great service to your existing clients. When people have a good experience, they’re happy to share it with friends and family. However, the opposite is also true: when a customer has a bad experience, he or she will tell friends and family.

Yelp! and other social media give customers a broad platform to share negative feedback, but they can also cast a positive spotlight on you when service is extraordinary.

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Providing great service is key to getting referrals; however, it’s just half of the equation.

You need to introduce the idea of referrals to your clients, and then ask them if they’re willing to refer others to you (or refer you to others). Without you “planting the seed” of a referral, you’re unlikely to get them. Even if your client is enthusiastic about the service you provide, he or she may be reluctant to shout your praises without your encouragement.

12 Referral Marketing Tips for Successful Insurance Agents

1. Build Relationships with Families

Helping one member of a family can often lead to other business with another family member . . . or a family friend. This could include writing a Medicare Advantage (Part C) or Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policy on a parent or grandparent, getting short-term coverage for a child (after he or she ages out on a parent’s plan but before eligibility kicks in on a new employer’s plan), etc.

2. Personalize Locally

Pharmacists, health practitioners, and workers in local health food or vitamin and nutrition stores come in contact with a lot of different people every day and throughout the month. Develop relationships with these folks and you could build a substantial pipeline of referrals. If you become a friend to these connectors, they could be your bridge to connect with many in the market for Medicare, Individual & Family Plan (IFP), and other coverage.

3. Referral Rewards

Establish a program that rewards those who share referrals with you. As word spreads, you may see your referrals increase.

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4. Referral Cards/Notes

Create a “share a referral” card with your network – to make it easier for them to send potential new business your way. Show your appreciation for referrals by writing a thank you note whenever a referral is made.

5. Get Social

Connecting with your clients on social media – like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – can get you in front of their friends and family, which can lead to more new business.

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to help make new connections and boost referrals. 

6. Give Referrals

Offer to share referrals with your professional network; they may be more likely to share leads with you if you’re sharing them, too.

7. Educate Your Clients About Your Products

Remind your clients of all that you can do for them. While they may not need your help now, they may know someone who could benefit from your expertise.

8. Follow Up Throughout the Year

You cannot expect a referral from someone you barely know. Build a better relationship with your clients by staying in touch with them; the more touch points, the better the relationship and the greater their trust in you.

9. Thank New Clients/New Referrals with a Gift

Introduce reciprocity and stimulate more sales (and more referrals) with a thank you gift for new clients. It can work wonders.

10. Team Up with Other Businesses

Consider sharing advertising with others in similar markets who focus on the same demographic group. You can cross-promote to each other’s target customer list.

11. Email Marketing Automation

Schedule an automated follow-up email after a specific period of working with a client. For example, maybe send a message one month after the effective date of your customer’s first (or most-recent) policy. Or set up a triggered event message – signing on, one year renewal, etc.

12. Ask More Than Once

You may find your customers may say no the first time you ask . . . or even the first few times you ask. Don’t take it personally. Build the relationship, and you build trust. As time progresses, you’re more likely to see your referral business increase exponentially.

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