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Starter Guide to Using AutoResponders for Health Insurance Marketing

AutoResponders for Health Insurance Marketing

When someone signs up for a health insurance quote, the broker/prospect game begins.  Whether the sign up occurs online, over the phone, or through another process, what comes next is the call or email to qualify the prospect. The objective, of course, is to find out more about what they’re looking for and determining the product that makes the most sense, based on budget, lifestyle, family composition, etc.

If a prospect passes the “qualification” test, the path to a sale continues. If not, the process stops (although you will definitely want to retain the lead for possible follow up later). Even if a prospect isn’t right for you right now, that doesn’t mean all is lost for the future.

AutoResponders make things easier:

Savvy insurance professionals know a powerful, automated follow-up system can turn your cold lead into a warm prospect. There are many ways to use an AutoResponder:

  • For warming up cold, lost prospects;
  • To improve relations with current customers;
  • To enhance customer retention and referrals.

While you might not expect it, an AutoResponder can help you create a more personal connection. Plus, instead of having to work 10-hour days to manually email dozens or even hundreds of individuals, an AutoResponder can create and send your messages in minutes.

Prospecting and lead generation:  

AutoResponders are great for prospecting and lead generation, especially for cold prospecting. After someone signs up for a quote, but goes cold later on, he or she represents an ideal opportunity for follow up via AutoResponder.

You can create a 3-5 email message series to warm up your cold leads and breathe life back into your relationship with them. Often, the reason for no action is a lack of trust and understanding, but the right email campaign can help you overcome those objections.

  • Highlight why they should trust you.
  • Describe what you offer in a straightforward way, so it’s easy to comprehend.
  • Cover your sales points from a different angle.
  • Use different sales appeals in your message series.

Once a prospect signs up for a consultation or health plan, or takes any other favorable action, you’re presented with an opportunity to set the stage for their future expectations.

  • Send an email on what they can expect – reiterate what they signed up for or agreed to; this can help reassure them.
  • Highlight additional benefits – this creates enthusiasm and makes them more excited about what’s to come.
  • Add a secondary emotional element that your competitors won’t likely match – say “thank you” and tell them you’ll be in contact; create the opportunity for greater customer engagement in the future.
  • Send recurring newsletters and other sales communications – put your former inactive prospect/client in the queue for automated communications such as a monthly or quarterly newsletter, updates when you create a new blog post, etc.

Current customer communications:

Your greatest opportunity for growth lies with those customers who are highly satisfied with your efforts.

Make it a habit to:

  • Engage customers regularly with interesting, useful content.
  • Share your stuff – via recurring newsletters or other communications (like a blog).
  • Celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries with automated messages – don’t overlook the “anniversary” of when you may have written your first policy with them.
  • Give referrals (and you are likely to get referrals, too).
  • Meet for an annual check-in or policy review (in advance of your client’s next renewal); this way you can ensure his or her coverage still meets current and anticipated needs.

It’s important your “customer” communication be different from your “prospect” communications. You want to be viewed not just as a broker, but also as a friend.  Any personal communication – crafted as genuinely as possible – will help you create a stronger bond with your current customers . . . even if it comes via AutoResponder.

Quotit can help you improve your prospect and current customer communications. It offers great tools to help you build your business. Quotit gives you access to quoting – on and off of the state and federal exchanges – plus seamless online enrollment, CRM tools, the ability to track leads by source and status, automated follow-through with an AutoResponder, and much more.

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