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Boost Insurance Efficiency with Quotit: Top Features & Best Practices

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In today's fast-paced health insurance industry, efficiency and accuracy are key. Quotit stands out as a top insurance platform, offering a wide range of advanced features designed to streamline processes and enhance service quality. Let's explore how Quotit can help you improve insurance efficiency by leveraging its powerful tools and best practices.

Quotit is revolutionizing the insurance industry with its robust platform that caters to a wide range of needs, from under 65 health plans to Medicare and ancillary products. Whether you're bundling services for clients or providing detailed quotes, Quotit has you covered. Let's dive into how you can make the most of this versatile platform.

Quoting and Enrolling: The Core of Quotit's Power

At the heart of Quotit's offerings is its intuitive quoting and enrolling system, designed to give your clients the options they need to make informed decisions. With Quotit's cloud-based insurance quote software engine, you can generate instant online quotes from carriers across the country on a user-friendly platform. By simply entering your client's census information, you can display their eligibility and provide comprehensive health plan information from the carriers you sell that are available on the Quotit platform.

Enjoy one-click access to one of the most extensive health insurance product portfolios on the market today, with more carriers and plans being added regularly. This powerful tool allows you to use health plans from multiple carriers to create a customized buying experience with engaging PDF or web-based proposals. Quotit's proposal tool helps you create accurate, detailed, and attractive presentations for your recommendations, enhancing your clients' confidence in their health plan selection.

Additionally, clients can enroll directly from your proposals with dynamically updated rates, streamlining the process and ensuring a seamless experience. Once you or your clients have selected the best options for their needs, clients can bundle their application process. This consolidated quoting and enrollment process ensures that your information is included, so you receive credit for every sale.

By integrating various insurance products into a single platform, Quotit simplifies the quoting and enrolling process, enabling you to serve your clients more efficiently and effectively.


The EARD Tool: Empowering Medicare Quoting

One of Quotit's standout features is the EARD (Estimated Annual Retail Drug Cost) tool. This powerful addition gives you an unprecedented advantage during the Medicare Advantage quoting process by offering unparalleled transparency and accuracy regarding prescription drug costs.

1. Instant Cost Assessment

With EARD, you can calculate your client's estimated annual out-of-pocket drug costs for Medicare RX and Medicare Advantage plans before adding the plan to your proposal. This immediate insight helps in making informed decisions.

2. Pharmacy Drug Pricing Comparison

The tool allows you to compare drug pricing at different pharmacies, ensuring your clients get the best possible deal.

3. Doctor Coverage Insights

You can check whether your client's preferred doctors are covered within their chosen Medicare Advantage plan, adding another layer of valuable information.

4. Coverage Gap Calculations

Determine if your client is likely to hit their coverage gap during the year, providing a more comprehensive view of their potential costs.

By using EARD, you can set the prescription information once, apply it to various proposals, and revisit it during renewals. 


SMS Text for Scope of Appointment

In today's digital age, convenience is key. Quotit's new SMS text messaging feature allows clients to sign Scopes of Appointment for Medicare or Scope of Authorization for under-65 plans via text. This flexibility ensures that clients can choose their preferred method of signing, making the process smoother and more convenient.


Marketplace Easy Pricing

Quotit's Marketplace Easy Pricing feature simplifies the quoting experience by highlighting Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) tagged as "Easy Pricing." These plans offer standardized cost-sharing and pre-deductible coverage across all product network types, making it easier to present and compare options to your clients.

Enhanced Filtering Capabilities

The quoting pages now come with enhanced filtering options, allowing you to find and present the most suitable plans to your clients quickly and efficiently.


Best Practices for Using Quotit

To maximize efficiency with Quotit, consider the following best practices:

  1. Leverage the EARD Tool: Utilize the Estimated Annual Rx Drug tool to provide detailed and accurate cost assessments for your clients.
  2. Utilize SMS Features: Offer clients the flexibility of signing SOAs via SMS to enhance their experience and streamline the process.
  3. Highlight Easy Pricing Plans: Use the Marketplace Easy Pricing feature to quickly identify and present the best plan options to your clients.
  4. Add Shop and Enroll Tool to Your Website: Add our Shop and Enroll tool to any website. This way, you can include a link to the shopping cart tool in emails, social media posts, and more to empower consumers to find and enroll in insurance products on their own. Sell insurance 24/7. Even if you are not actively selling to clients, your website can be. 
  5. Use Our Lead Marketplace Tool: Our updated Lead Marketplace tool can assist you in selling this season by enabling you to buy leads directly from the marketplace, enter them into the CRM, and then conduct direct sales to those leads.
  6. Utilize Compare and Enroll Tool: Quotit’s side-by-side comparison shopping cart tool brings an Amazon-like experience to the health insurance purchasing process. Create truly personalized coverage for your clients. From your proposals, clients can compare the products you recommend and add their selections directly to their shopping cart. The shopping cart can also make recommendations for medical, accident, critical illness, dental, vision, and life insurance based on current selections.
  7. Regularly Update Information: Ensure that all client information is up-to-date to facilitate smooth renewals and maintain accuracy in your quotes.

    In summary, Quotit offers a holistic solution for insurance agents seeking to elevate their quoting and enrolling processes. By harnessing cutting-edge tools like EARD, SMS text for SOAs, Marketplace Easy Pricing, Shop and Enroll, Lead Marketplace, and Compare and Enroll, you can deliver exceptional service while optimizing your efficiency. Embrace these recommended practices to streamline your workflow, minimize errors, and effectively cater to a larger client base.


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