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7 Tips for Selling Insurance Over the Phone

selling insurance over the phone

As a licensed insurance agent, you know one of the most important skills you want to develop is the ability to sell over the phone.

Selling insurance over the phone is different from selling face to face. You don’t have the same non-verbal clues like body language and facial expressions that are triggers to adjust your pitch when you’re selling over the phone versus a face-to-face meeting.

Over time, though, you’ll build the confidence needed to be successful in whatever the sales situation.

To help you better sell insurance over the phone, try these tips:

Practice Pausing:

When you know the exact answer to a prospects question, it's hard not to blurt out the answer immediately. Even worse is cutting someone off before they've finished their full thought.

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Giving little or no time between what you say and your recipient says can make it appear as if you aren't truly listening. Essentially, it tells the other person on the line that what you have to say is more important.

Make it a point to pause after your customer talks before you say anything.

This will make you appear thoughtful to the conversation. It also gives you a chance to practice empathy and truly put yourself in their shoes.

Be A Great Listener:

Remain focused on the call; avoid distractions. Truly listen to what they’re saying, not just waiting for what you’re going to say next.

Don’t just hear the words; listen for the meaning behind the words. Keep them engaged during the call by asking questions.

Be Organized:

If you’re the one initiating the call, prepare yourself before it starts. If you’re shuffling papers or trying to find something on the call, you come across as unorganized.

Keep your computer open (but don’t be distracted by emails or web surfing), so you can readily access information if needed.

Be prepared during and after the call to take notes on how the call went and any follow up action items you may need to complete.

Avoid Random Cold Calling:

Random calling typically yields random, ineffective results. Instead, use a solid list of qualified and interested prospects. Get as much intelligence on the lead in advance.

Be Empathetic:

You want to sell, but it’s the consumer’s needs and interests that should come first. Be personable. Relate to them.

You may be the insurance pro, but you have to remember to not talk down to the person on the other end of the call.

Cut the Slang:

There are two types of slang that can make phone sales way more difficult than it needs to be.

The first type is likely what you already are familiar with. “Gotcha” or “yup” or “yeah” can create the wrong impression for some people.

While using slang may have no effect over your relationship with clients you've known for years, it's best to avoid when selling to new prospects. They don't know you and, as such, will use every part of your presentation to either relate with or negatively judge you.

The second type of slang is far too easy to succumb to. Industry terms such as IFP, ancillary, and Med Supp may sound straightforward to you, but could lead to more questions and confusions, furthering you from your main objective: closing.

Keep things simple. Explain terms or concepts you know most won't understand.

Always Have a Call to Action:

At the end of the call, be ready to close the sale. You can use numerous techniques – including asking for the sale. The key is to be ready.

Get to know more than your client’s basic needs and you open the door to more sales opportunities.

Be sure to ask about their health, their family, and discuss how much they care about helping their loved ones prepare for the future.

The more you engage your prospect/client to talk about the real reasons they need insurance the better your connection and the more likely you are to close the sale.

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