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Cross-Selling Strategies that Work

Build your business during OEP and beyond

During tough or risky economic times, not only do prices rise, but consumer spending tends to decrease. That could mean fewer new clients buying health insurance this OEP season, which makes it a great time to focus less on the birds in the bush while taking a closer look at the ones you’ve already got in the hand.

Our helpful new resource, Cross-selling During OEP: Increase Enrollments While Building Customer Loyalty, can help you do just that. It offers suggestions and strategies to help you not only capitalize on your existing client base during the OEP, but also set yourself up for future success with decreased churn and a richer customer experience overall.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How to help close the gap through ancillary sales
  • When to educate and when to “sell”
  • Discovery questions that can help you identify cross-selling opportunities
Cross-selling During OEP