September 2015: Monthly Digital Marketing News Update


As an insurance professional, it's imperative to keep up with the latest trends and best practices in the digital marketing world. Our monthly digital marketing news update gives you the latest scoop for a variety of online media critical to online success.

This September we dive into mobile traffic and how certain large mobile ads may negatively affect your SEO, email design and why 100% JPEG's are not the answer, and more tips and tricks for boosting web conversions.


A look at the latest best practices and algorithm updates for Google and other top search engines.

Google: Showing Giant Ads To Mobile Visitors For Apps May Lead To Ranking Decrease

Make sure to test your mobile pages that have app interstitials on them. They may not rank as well on November 1 if they block a lot of your content. Read More

The 8 Most Common But Simple Missed Opportunities In Optimizing Content

These SEO errors can be easily fixed, but not if you're unaware of their existence. Contributor Janet Driscoll Miller shares the most common simple problems she's come across in her 10 years in the business. Read More


Insight into the most effective design and execution strategies for email marketing.

The 5 Email Design Best Practices Every Marketer Should Know

Email is not a .JPG, print ad or a one-page website. Read More

Using Video to Breathe New Life into your Email Marketing

Using interactive video content in your email marketing continues to be proven as a hugely effective tactic to get this done. Report after report validates that emails with video content as the primary CTA generate higher click-through rates on average, and even using the word “video” in the subject can boost open rates. Read More


Latest trends and findings for optimizing website visitor behavior and conversions.

5 tips for designing a web form with a high conversion rate

Designing a web form that provides great user experience is imperative. Read More

Is It Time to Embrace Conversion Rate Optimization?

While SEO & PPC remain the key cogs that spin the wheel of brand awareness for organizations across the web, what happens when you achieve visibility in the search index and visits to your website but few conversions? Read More

social-iconSOCIAL MEDIA:

The inside scoop on the latest social media trends and developments.

4 Components Of The Best Social Media Campaigns

Columnist Sonny Ganguly details four key components that will expand your social reach and improve your bottom line. Read More

Five reliable sources to learn about Facebook marketing strategy

Here are some of the reliable sources that will help you learn the best Facebook marketing strategy: Read More

In case you missed it, here is August's Digital Marketing News Update.

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