Now Announcing: Online Enrollment with Health Net


Quotit announces NEW improvements to our Health Net application process that will provide a seamless, online application for individual and family plan applicants in Arizona, California and Oregon! Effective immediately, enrolling your clients with Health Net will be easier than ever. Learn more about online enrollment with Health Net.

What It Is

The new online enrollment system improves an applicant's shopping experience through a fully integrated process between the Quotit quoting system and Health Net. When your client clicks on the"Apply" button, your client's information is pre-loaded into the application and the completed application loads automatically into the Health Net system. Your clients will no longer be directed to a second website to enroll. Everything happens right from your Quotit system directly to Health Net.

What This Means To You

Your clients in Arizona, California and Oregon will receive a better experience when enrolling with Health Net, reducing the time it takes for them to enroll online. You will know when your clients have submitted an application, allowing you to follow up better and increase your sales.

What You Need To Do

We are automatically converting your account to access this new system immediately. We are very excited about this new advanced technology and are committed to making your life easier, more efficient, and more profitable! Remember to update the mandatory fields in your Online Application Links page so that you get credit for the application. Applications will not be submitted until the required agent information is entered.

Should you have any questions about this new enhancement, or any of the other features of your system, please feel free to call us. Thank you for being a valued Quotit customer!

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